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Hubert: The Series (a.k.a. Hubert) is an French-Canadian animated adaptation of children's book series. The show ran for three seasons on France 3, Canal JTiJi, and in syndication as a part of Les matins de TiJi. It aired from June 10, 2002 to August 24, 2004. The series is about the life of an funny parrot named Hubert. It was created by Tony Barnes.


The series tells the daily adventures of an ordinary parrot Hubert and his owner Rosie Thompson.



Name Image Bio

The main protagonist of the show. Hubert is an funny, clumsy parrot.


A female parrot, who is Hubert's girlfriend.

Rosie Thompson

Hubert's owner. She loves play football with her friends


Rosie's family's dog.


Name Image Bio

Rosie's family's neighbour. He is a bad who wants pick up Rosie. And the main antagonist of the series.

Stephen, Ralph and Bobby
Steven, Ralph and Bobby

Buster's cats.

List of episodesEdit

1st season (2002-03)Edit

  • 1.«Family Picture»
  • 2.«Play Time»
  • 3.«Teaching is light»
  • 4.«Hubert at the Vet»
  • 5.«Hawaiian Kitchen»
  • 6.«Treasure Hunters»
  • 7.«Day at the Museum»
  • 8.«Dancing Hubert»
  • 9.«Night Terror»
  • 10.«Mother's Day»
  • 11."Snow Tracks»
  • 12.«Spring Clean»
  • 13.«Goose Season»
  • 14.«Amusement Park»
  • 15.«Cowardly Hubert»
  • 16."Roger on the Loose»
  • 17.«Univited»
  • 18."The Return of Buster»

2nd season (2003-04)Edit

  • 19.«Snowy Day»
  • 20."Dinner for Two»
  • 21.«Hubert in a Guilty Cage»
  • 22.«April Fools' Day»
  • 23.«Superstar Hour»
  • 24.«Parrot Guard»
  • 25."Back to School»
  • 26.«Hypno Hubert»
  • 27.«Alien Invasion»
  • 28.«Thanksgiving Day»
  • 29.«Sleepless Night»
  • 30.«Grandma Visit»
  • 31.«Rest for Hubert»
  • 32.«Easter Egg»
  • 33.«Dog Show»
  • 34.«Sick Day»
  • 35.«High Security Zoo»
  • 36.«Abandoned»



  • Martial Le Minoux - Hubert the Parrot
  • Eric Metayer - Roger the Dog
  • Philippe Roullier - Mr. Thompson, Dr. Jones
  • Nathalie Homs - Rosie Thompson, Miss Thompson
  • Dorothée Pousséo - Buster Watson
  • Jean-Loup Horwitz - Stephen the Cat
  • Jean-Claude Donda - Ralph the Cat
  • Guillaume Lebon - Bobby the Cat


  • Ron Pardo - Hubert the Parrot
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Roger the Dog
  • Scott McCord - Mr. Thompson, Dr. Jones
  • Julie Lemieux - Rosie Thompson, Miss Thompson
  • Eric Bauza - Buster Watson, Stephen the Cat
  • Daniel DeSanto - Ralph the Cat
  • Blair Williams - Bobby the Cat


In France, Hubert originally premiered on France 5 on June 10, 2002. In Portugal, the pilot debuted on July 6, 2004, and the series began airing in July 14th on SIC. The shows airs in Teletoon in Canada and Boomerang in Spain.

Home mediaEdit

Hubert has been released on DVD in Region 1. In U.S., all 36 episodes of the series were released on three volumes while in France and Canada, the three volumes only contained 29 of the 36 episodes.

Other mediaEdit

Video gamesEdit

Game Publisher Platform Release date
Hubert: Dog Chase Blast! Entertainment Ltd Microsoft Windows April 28, 2004